Who are we?

Following the publication of a National Plan for Music Education for Wales in May 2022, the National Service has now taken its first exciting steps. It is a key investment for music education in Wales and offers quality support and very exciting opportunities over the next three years.

What is the National Music Service?

The National Music Service is responsible for implementing the National Music Plan. The Welsh Government wants to ensure that children and young people are able to get educational and musical opportunities, whatever their financial situation. Over a period of three years (2022-25) the local music services and national and community musical organizations will be able to give more opportunities to children and young people in their area, opening diverse and beneficial musical paths for everyone.

Who is the National Music Service for?

For children and young people

In order to give the best possible musical opportunities to children and young people in Wales between the ages of 3-16, the Service brings everyone together, to ensure that an individual’s musical path is as easy as possible. Maybe you want to sing, compose, learn about digital music. play in an orchestra or band, or aim for experience or even a career in the industry - we can get you started. There will be opportunities to experience live music of all kinds, and we also have a library of instruments and resources available.

Children in a classroom playing pBuzz
Children enjoying their pBuzz lesson in Pembrokeshire (Gwasanaeth Cerdd Sir Benfro)
Boys on stage, rapping
A young rapper from the Gwent area on stage in Newport (Cerdd Gwent)
Orchestra in rehearsal
National Youth Orchestra Wales practising in Summer 2023 (Aaron Child)

For teachers and schools

With the expressive arts central to the New Curriculum for Wales, the Music Service will also support and inspire teachers by offering First Experiences sessions, supporting class work, training and offering a host of new musical and creative experiences. The new digital platform - Charanga Cymru - has been purposefully created to help you teach a music lesson in your class, whatever your musical experience. That will give you the skills and confidence to help children and young people to play, sing, take part and create music - in our schools and venues, and in our communities.

Froup of trainees outdoors with instruments
Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan training day, September 2022 (Cardiff and Vale Music Education)
Three adults, sitting in a theatre, holding a violin bow
National First Experiences Conference, Aberystwyth, January 2023
Three adults with musical instruments
Mid and West Wales training day, Swansea, September 2023

Where can I get more information?

Contact your local music service through your class teacher, music teacher or tutor, or through our area map.