Woman performing with violin

At the end of January, we held a First Experiences conference in Aberystwyth, where teachers from all the music services received special training from Rachel Cooper from Music Masters, as well as a further training session on using Charanga Cymru within the classroom. We had a great response from those who were there, who said:

I enjoyed it all, it reinforced my own practices as a teacher as well as new ideas. Thanks!

Another response we received was:

So important to all get together as a service and as a country. For some staff it was a first for many years, but it is much appreciated.

That day we also had a presentation by Dr Beth Pickard on the provision for children and special needs. Since then, we have completed research to identify the need for training for musicians who would like to develop skills in working in special schools. We are now in the process of creating that training, and that information will be shared with you in the Autumn term.