Man with guitar

On Welsh Music Day (Dydd Miwsig Cymru) in March, teachers, musicians, politicians and even James Dean Bradfield from the Manic Street Preachers shared their memories of their first musical experiences, to encourage more children and young people to take part in music activities.

I hope that you, like us, have been enjoying the concerts of choir, band and ensemble concerts that have resumed after the long Covid period. After the Welsh Government has invested heavily in instruments over the past year, it has been wonderful to see so many of those instruments in action in concerts and in classes.

Much of our work as the National Music Service also involves developing partnerships with agencies that offer musical experiences and opportunities for children outside the classroom. To ensure that we share news, identify opportunities and celebrate the musical offer available to the children and young people of Wales we are offering you the opportunity to join the Open Forum of the National Music Service of Wales. Three times a year, we will travel to various artistic locations all over Wales, also taking advantage of the opportunity to shed light on the activity of that area. If you would like to apply to speak at one of the Forum meetings, or if you would like to come and listen, please contact us at